Following a very wet practice the previous day there wasn’t much rubber down on the track and it was really slippery. There were 20 on the grid and we went out and we were sliding everywhere. The target time was to get into 49 second lap to hopefully get it the top 6 on the grid. But I just couldn’t reach 49`s, in the end, I got a 50 second flat. That put me on 9th which was the 5th row but on the inside of the track.

Heat 1

On the start, I went down to 10th because I had a bad start but got back to 9th on the second lap. So for the next few heats, I would need to improve on my starts and reaction times. On the 4th lap I moved up to 8th then on the final corner of the final lap two drivers were battling for 6th in front of me. In the end they pushed each other wide and I finished 6th.

Heat 2

In the second heat, I was starting 6th but went straight down to 10th on the first corner. I managed to come back up to 8th on the 3rd lap with a couple of good overtakes. On lap 4, whhen I and another driver were battling for position, he clipped me and made me spin so I dropped down to 13th. On the next lap I got back up to 12th, then lap after, I gained another place but with 2 laps remaining I just couldn’t catch up to 10th. In the end, I finished 11th.

Heat 3

Thanks to the last heat I was starting 11th on heat 3. Luckily this time I gained two places on the start and then went up to 8th on lap 2, 7th on lap 3 but fell down to 8th on lap 4. Then finally I moved up to 6th on lap 7. After a hard heat 3, I finished 6th from 20. I was quite happy with my heats, meaning I would have chance to push for top 5 in the final.


In the final, I was starting 7th which was an average of my previous heats. On the start, I went down to 10th. Bad start again! On the first corner, another driver cut across me and clipped my nose cone with his side pod but all was ok (so I thought). On lap two I got black flagged. I was thinking “No, what have I done.” I did another lap before I came in the pits. I didn’t know what was going on until my dad came rushing over and started messing with where my nose cone should be. It wasn’t there it must have come off on the first corner. I was relieved because I knew that it wasn’t my driving that was at fault but I was also really disappointed because I knew that my race was over. I went back out anyway just to finish, a lap behind. Still managed overtake 4 back markers, but it was no use, I was a minute behind everyone. When I came off, my teammate #CharlieWyatt23, who had finished 2nd, came over to me and helped me get over it.