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This is my fifth season in competitive racing. My second at licenced MSUK level but only my first only doing MSUK racing.

MSUK Whilton Mill Kart Club

Known as one of the toughest clubs in the country, 10 rounds of Whilton Mill will see improve my race craft and outright pace in my new XKart 950 Inter Max. With 34 entries each month, I hope to be fighting at the front of the pack from the start of the year. For this series, I will be racing for the XKart Factory Team.

MSUK Trent Valley Kart Club

Trent Valley Kart Club is based at PF International Kart Circuit, Brandon, Lincolnshire. It is regarded as one of the most friendly and professional kart racing clubs in the UK and currently has over 800 for the 2023 season members. For this series, I will also be racing for the XKart Factory Team in my 950 Inter Max XKart Chassis.

Testing & Drop-ins

My local track for testing is Hooton Park, but also hope to do a few drop in rounds at Wombwell (to defend my Cock o north) and possibly Teesside, a track where I did a lots of rounds when I first started as a cadet.



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