Round 2 was finally here. And with poor weather all week, it was looking to be a wet one. I had to borrow a team mates spare wetsuit as I didn’t have one of my own yet.


Qualifying was tough with lots of surface water. Just need to keep on on the track. No chance! There were karts going off at ever corner, it was choas. My best complete lap (and there weren’t many) was 59.249s putting be 7th from 8…. (ouch!)


On to the heats, and the track was slowly drying out. Still wet so intermediate tyres. I had a great start and by lap 2 I was up to 3rd position which I was very happy with obviously, just got to keep it going. Unfortunatley on on lap 3, I took one of the corners a little wide and missed Athe defensive line which meant I lost a position and dropped to 4th. I manage to keep that until the end of the heat, so more than happy really.

Heat 1 results >

Starting 4th in heat 2 meant I was pushing for the front row in the final. A lot to do with 3 good drivers ahead of me, but you never know. Whilst we were waiting on the dummy grid, some drivers were changing their tyres for slicks as the track was quickly drying out. What was coming was a very unfair race with some on inters and some on slicks. Surely there is some kind of ruling behing this?

A crazy start meant saw me gain 2 places but then drop a down to 5th within the first 2 laps. I managed to keep that place until the 8th lap from 10, where I was overtaken by Charlie who had spun out at the start. somehow I finished the race in 6th, with a best time of 45.179s on inters ona dry track. Which was good as this was possibly the best I had ever driven in the circumstances.

Heat 2 results >

Final Race

Fifth on the grid for the final race, work to be done. The track had dried completely now so we switched to slicks. Target, as ever, was the podium. Really struggled for traction, never really got going. As it was first time out on slicks for a while, I just couldnt get any heat into the tyres. Gained a place, lost a place, then gain two places. Finished in 5th with a best time of 46.005s (meh)

Final race results >