Well, that was disaster. All a bit of a blur really. Certainly a tough learning curve, which is obviously part of the experience.

Started in 2nd place, on the front row but other drivers where hugely aggressive on the rolling start, and ended up starting the first lap in last place. How did that happen?

Note to self: GIVE WAY TO NOBODY!

I tried to get back in contention, but just couldn’t get going. Finished the race two laps down on the leader, an average speed of 39.051 and a best lap time of 48.812. Ended up finishing the race 2nd to last and only because Wyatt had a DNF.

10pts from the first round.

IKRC is my championship. Ignore the MROK they, run their own championship and are much faster engines, running 10hp rather than 7hp.

Onward and upward…