The karting season has come to an end there had been ups, such as getting 2nd at Hooton park a couple of times, and downs, such as Wombwell when I saw the last lap board twice and came into the pits before the race was finished.

The last 9 months have been amazing. I still remember when I got into my kart for the first time and felt the raw power out of the corners and the braking force into them. (I wasn’t even going fast then).

It really has been the best experience of my life. Now that I think back to when I first got into a corporate kart and I thought that they were flying machines and compared to true race karts… they are another world. As well as loving the driving side of it, I also love the number of new friends I have made that before I started karting I would never have thought I would fit in with them, now it feels like 2nd nature.

Thanks to TK Xtra, my dad my grandad and all of my family that has come to watch me drive and cheer me on. I will definitely be doing this next year and the year after and the year after that. Thanks to Jason King at enZari for being my sponsor.

Favorite Tracks

My favourite track is Three Sisters, then Teeside, then Wombwell, then Rowrah, then last but not least Hooton Park.